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Author Topic: Thoughts about each Doctor....  (Read 397 times)


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Thoughts about each Doctor....
« on: January 25, 2021, 02:04:01 PM »
« Last Edit: February 27, 2021, 02:26:16 AM by shadav »
ok so making my way through Doctor Who....
gotta say I don't really care for the 2nd Doctor.....

the 1st Doctor was kind of a pompous donkey...we'll give it to him as he was who knows how old....

the 2nd Doctor I think is supposed to be seen as jovial (a stark opposite of the 1st) but just comes off as weird, strange, and odd and not in good ways....

about 60 more episode until I reach the 3rd Doctor

[update] well I'm now onto season 11 and the 13th Doctor

the 3rd Doctor was still kind of a pompous donkey, self entitled, but a bit more personable
honestly maybe my favorite doctor :)

the 4th Doctor was a bit goofy but then they did say his brain might be a bit scrambled...
one of my favorite doctors...overall personality was good, sometimes high and mighty, mostly friendly and high-strung.

the 5th Doctor, I don't have much opinion about this doctor. So far the most approachable doctor.

the 6th Doctor was arrogant and brash
by far my least favorite doctor

the 7th Doctor was absent minded and gloomy
definitely a different approach to the Doctor

the 8th Doctor, I can't say much as he only appeared in a tv movie

the 9th Doctor, I can't say much only 1 season, and as the 8th doctor only appeared in one tv movie....transitioning from the 7th doctor to the 9th is a nice fit. From an absent minded and gloomy person to a slightly mentally unstable happy macho person

the 10th Doctor was a bit crazy, a bit goofy
one of my favorite doctors

the 11th Doctor was still a bit crazy and goofy, more involved in peoples lives

the 12th Doctor was a bit grump and sarcastic. Thinks he's hilarious
reminiscent of the 3rd Doctor.

and well only a few episodes in with the new Doctor, so can't say much....
this time the Doctor is a woman.... seems to have inserted herself into 3 peoples lives
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