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Doctor Who / Re: My journey through the Whoniverse
« Last post by shadav on February 25, 2021, 10:27:28 AM »
While watching The Day of the Doctor I snapped a pic, I think I'll set it as the header image for this board

I went back and also took a recording... enjoy :)
Doctor Who / My journey through the Whoniverse
« Last post by shadav on February 23, 2021, 02:28:26 PM »
So here I will be discussing things as I go along
some cross posts from my fb page and notes from my list

I started this marathon about a month ago and me being me started from the very very beginning....
I remember watching Doctor Who as a kid and absolutely loved it, though in my memories I remember K9 having a much more important role, more of a co-star role....but now as I have been watching the series from start to finish, K9's appearances really were brief.
I tried to get back into the show years ago when it rebooted but it just wasn't the same from my childhood, it lost some of its charm....and even now as I have watched the series from the start to the reboot (currently, getting ready to start season 8 ) I still stick to that notion....the reboot lost some of the charm from the original, not that I'm not enjoying the show, but I don't know it's just not quite the same...though it is still good, it's just missing an element from the original.

Anyways....if you are keeping track I have updated the watch order list
and will update it again shortly

I went into this blind more or less, and pieced together a rough draft of a viewing order from a few sites, gotta say finding a list is not really that easy....
I did remove some things from my original list because they weren't necessary
i.e. the 1960ies movies....meh.... it really didn't fall into place in the timeline, it's more someone somewhere decided to try to make a quick buck by rewriting the first couple seasons of doctor who and make them into movies....except they completely wrote out the time lords and just made the doctor some scientist experimenting in his backyard
though I will agree with their remaking his granddaughter susan into a child and not a young adult, it makes more sense for her character in the earlier episodes as everyone was treating her like a little kid and not a teenager/young adult....

so anyways, yeah those movies are not needed to view as part of the whoniverse, they are still interesting and helped spread doctor who (if not mistakenly so) but not really part of the timeline....

I did keep a few things that aren't really needed but still fun to watch
Search Out Space  :))
and then there were all of the spin-off movies from around the 80ies, those could be skipped but still interesting to watch and more or less fall in line with the whoniverse

and then coming up to the reboot....while Sarah Jane Adventures is more aimed at kids, it's still a cute series to watch and does fill in some gaps
Torchwood....well....I actually watched that series when it aired, loved it, but noticed the references to Doctor Who and always thought I really should watch it to tie in the references....
like: how did Jack end up with the Doctors hand in a jar?
and well spolier
Who Jack Is: ShowHide
Jack mentions in Doctor Who Season 3 Episode 13 that hey modeled and they used to call him the face of bode ;)

now you don't really have to watch Torchwood for any insights into the whoineverse, but it's still a great series and gives more "backstory" to Jack and what's happening on Earth when the Doctor is away. As well as it shows what Martha is doing after leaving the Doctor. So all in all it's a good tie in to the story.

now on to my bits and pieces of thoughts as I progress with the show

from a discussion on fb
well I'm on season 7 of doctor who now 😛
watched all of torchwood, sarah jane adventures, and k9
the only spin-off left is class and that will be after season 9
kind of curious what they are going to do after season 12...as that is the last and final regeneration of the doctor
it's been stated, well in the original series, several times that a timelord can only regenerate 12 times (so a total of 13 doctors)
but then in sja the doctor tells one of the kids that he can change 507 times, not sure if he was just joking with the kid or if that's what the new reboot series is going off of....

there's been a few "rogue" doctors that I'm aware of, in the original series there was the Valeyard an amalgamation of the doctors darker sides from between his 12th and final incarnations.....then the War Doctor, another amalgamation of the doctors darker sides from between the 8th and 9th incarnations...so I mean technically he's then on his 15th not 13th 😛 but they aren't counting those 2 as regenerations, more like abominations....

one of my friends pointed out
According to in show canon with Matt smith’s doctor he was supposed to be the last regeneration, But two people have played the doctor since then definitively on the show, and there is some question about how many other past regenerations there were that the doctor doesn’t remember

😅 I've been keeping track of the regenerations as I've watched.....but I agree, there could be some that the doctor doesn't remember + more "amalgamations"....honestly at one point I thought the master was a version of the doctor, still not completely convinced he's not but then they have mentioned a few times that they were childhood friends so 🤷‍♀️then there was a myth in the original series that the president of the supreme council of the time lords could regenerate indefinitely with some mythical something or another (I forget what it was but its been long lost), which the doctor became the president at least twice.....then there was an episode with people that pushed their regenerations into the hundreds/thousands, they weren't time lords but they learned how to regenerate and were the last of their kind stuck on a space ship yadda yadda yadda and some how pushed their regenerations to keep going on.

now onto a bit of a spoiler if you haven't watched the show yet, if you are actually keeping track, the 11th Doctor is actually the 13th Doctor
Spoiler: ShowHide
ah, well that kind of explains that...Spoilers..............................................the time lords gave some of their regenerations to the doctor (The Time of the Doctor), now just how many is yet to be seen......in one of the original episodes, when the Valeyard was trying to put the doctor on trial, it was mentioned, of course by the master (because he wanted to be the one to kill the Doctor and no one else), that he (the Valeyard) was in fact an amalgamation of the doctor and by killing the doctor now, he (the Valeyard) would then get the rest of the doctors regenerations.....and in one of the newer episodes River gave one of her regenerations to heal the doctor.....

say what the 11th doctor is really the 13th doctor
If you are keeping track ;): ShowHide

  • there's the 1st Doctor
  • the 2nd Doctor (1st regeneration)
  • the 3rd Doctor (2nd regeneration)
  • the 4th Doctor (3rd regeneration)
  • the 5th Doctor (4th regeneration)
  • the 6th Doctor (5th regeneration)
  • the 7th Doctor (6th regeneration)
  • the 8th Doctor (7th regeneration)
  • the War Doctor (8th regeneration)
  • the 9th Doctor (9th regeneration)
  • the 10th Doctor (10th regeneration)
  • the 1oth Doctor regenerated keeping his same face (11th regeneration)
  • the 11th Doctor (12th regeneration - that's it, that's the end of regenerations for timelords)
    but as we know the Doctor went on....in The Time of the Doctor he states he's actually the 13th, he's already regenerated 12 times....but then the timelords help him by sending him some of their regenerations and he's able to regenerate again, now how many more times that is yet to be seen
  • the 12th Doctor (13th regeneration)
  • the Valeyard (14th regeneration, which I may be wrong on the placement here as technically the 10th and 11th Doctors where his last and final regenerations supposedly.... as according to the Master, the Valeyard is an amalgamation of the Doctor's darker sides from between his twelfth and final incarnations)
  • the 13th Doctor (15th regeneration)
and then of course there's any possibilities that the Doctor forgot some regenerations or that there are other amalgamations.....guess we'll see

and some more spoilers as I've kept notes episode to episode
Spoiler: ShowHide

Season 1 Episode 6 : daleks debut
Season 11 Episode 1 : Enter Sarah Jane Smith
Season 14 Episode 1 : Tour of the TARDIS, Second Control Room
Season 14 Episode 12 : Stated that timelords only have 12 regenerations
Season 15 Episode 6 : it's K-9
Season 15 Episode 21 : Doctor becomes President of the supreme council of the time lords
Season 15 Episode 26 : K-9 stays behind
Season 16 Episode 1 : K-9 M2
Season 18 Episode 20 : gave K-9 M2 to Romana
Season 19 Episode 4 : at the end of the episode, pulls a green plant out of his inner coat pocket and pins it to his jacket
Season 19 Episode 5 : has a different plant on his jacket
Season 20 Episode 12 : again it's stated timelords can only regenerate 12 times.
Season 21 Episode 7 : TARDIS destroyed
Season 21 Episode 10 : rebuilt the TARDIS
Season 21 Episode 21: explains he wears the celery on his jacket because it turns purple when in contact with some gases that he's allergic to.
Season 22 Episode 1 : “fixed” the TARDIS disguise
Season 22 Episode 9 : 2nd Doctor had a stattenheim remote control for the TARDIS
Season 23 Episode 13 : the Valeyard is an amalgamation of the Doctor's darker sides from between his twelfth and final incarnations
Season 25 Episode 1 : daleks can now float up stairs
Season 1 Episode 9 : enter Jack Harkness
Season 1 Episode 12 : torchwood mentioned as an old earth institute, in ruble under the cobalt pyramid
The Christmas Invasion : mentions torchwood, doctor lost his hand
Season 2 Episode 2 : visiting Torchwood estate, later becomes Torchwood Institute
Season 2 Episode 3 : Sarah Jane reappears and K-9 M3
Season 2 Episode 5 : TARDIS dies
Season 2 Episode 10 : torchwood mentioned
Season 2 Episode 12 : introducing torchwood institution
Torchwood Season 1 Episode 1 : mentions events that happened in Doctor Who season 2
Torchwood Season 1 Episode 13 : Jack hears the TARDIS
Sarah Jane Adventures Pilot : sonic lipstick
Season 3 Episode 3 : face of bode says the Doctor isn't alone
Season 3 Episode 4 : human dalek
Season 3 Episode 11 : Jack jumps onto the TARDIS (from Torchwood season 1 episode 13)
Season 3 Episode 12 : the master returns
Season 3 Episode 13 : Jack returns to torchwood and says they called me the face of bode
Time Crash : 10th Doctor crashes into 5th Doctors TARDIS
Season 4 Episode 1 : sonic pen/Rose is there and then disappears
Season 4 Episode 5 : Rose appears screaming voiceless on a tv
Season 4 Episode 6 : Jenny
Season 4 Episode 8 : intro professor river song time traveling archaeologist
Season 4 Episode 10 : Rose appears screaming voiceless on a tv
Season 4 Episode 11 : Rose is back
Season 4 Episode 12 : crossover torchwood and sarah jane adventures
Season 4 Episode 13 : clone of doctor regenerates from his hand but is part human, Donna becomes part timelord had to remove her memories to save her life
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2 Episode 11 : it's the brigadier
Planet of the Dead : introducing Christina
Torchwood Season 3 Episode 5 : jack teleports away
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3 Episode 4 : k-9 comes home
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3 Episode 5 : the Doctor shows up
The End of Time (part 1) : doctor has a remote lock to the TARDIS, the master returns
The End of Time (part 2) : timelords return (briefly), the doctor found jack in a space bar...saying his goodbyes. His regeneration damages the TARDIS
Season 5 Episode 4 : River Song is back but not a professor yet, a doctor.
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4 Episode 5 : Joe Grant
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4 Episode 6 : doctor says he can change 507 times. Sarah lists the past companions and says what they're doing now.
Season 6 Episode 4 : the TARDIS becomes a woman
Season 6 Episode 6 : copy of the doctor
Season 6 Episode 7 : River Song is Emily's daughter Melody Pond
Season 6 Episode 8 : sonic cane
Season 6 Episode 10 : sonic probe
Season 6 Episode 12 : the end loops back to episode 1 of season 6
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe : the intro reminds me of flashbacks from the next doctor
Torchwood Season 4 Episode 10 : rex now heals like jack
Farewell, Sarah Jane : In Memory of Elisabeth Sladen
Season 7 Episode 1 : Daleks memory of the doctor has been erased
Season 7 Episode 2 : silurian ship found crashed on a planet with dinosaurs, they tried to escape the meters
Season 7 Episode 5 : amy and rory sent to the past by weeping angels and live out their lives
The Inforarium : doctor erasing info about himself
P.S. : rory writes to his dad, his son delivers the letter
Season 7 Episode 10 : Clara finds the book history of the time war and finds out the doctors real name (later is erased from her memory)
The Night of the Doctor : it's the 8th doctor becoming the War Doctor
The Last Day : recording on gallifrey when the daleks invaded
The Day of the Doctor : Rose aka Bad Wolf shows up as the interface
The Time of the Doctor : 11th states war doctor was a regeneration so he's 12, but #10 once regenerated and kept the same face making him the 13th doctor, so he can't regenerate anymore. The time lords gave up some regenerations and gave them to the doctor.
and that's where I'm at currently, I'll update later

Now on to the Doctors

known for
1st DoctorKind of a pompous ass
2nd Doctorplayed a recorderI think is supposed to be seen as jovial (a stark opposite of the 1st) but just comes off as weird, strange, and odd
3rd Doctormaster of martial artsKind of a pompous ass, self entitled, but a bit more personable
4th Doctorjelly babies and not throwing things awaya bit goofy but then they did say his brain might be a bit scrambled...
5th Doctorwearing celery as a lapel on his coatI don't have much opinion about this doctor. So far the most approachable doctor.
6th Doctorwearing a patchwork of colorsarrogant and brash
7th Doctorwearing question marksabsent minded and gloomy
8th Doctorcan't say much as he only appeared in a tv movie
9th Doctorblowing up stuffcan't say much only 1 season, and as the 8th doctor only appeared in one tv movie....transitioning from the 7th doctor to the 9th is a nice fit.
10th Doctormaking stuff upa bit crazy, a bit goofy
11th Doctorwearing a bow tie and sometimes a fezstill a bit crazy and goofy
12th Doctormaking fun of his eyebrows, playing the guitara bit grump and sarcastic. Thinks he's hilarious
13th Doctor

Things I've noticed about the Sonic Screwdriver
it's a
push/pull items
pick locks
scramble electronics
mine detector and detonator
sonic lance with attachment and cuts metal

and well this is it for my notes at the moment, I will update as I venture onward :)
Test Board / Re: testing reacts
« Last post by shadav on February 15, 2021, 12:05:53 PM »
Test Board / Re: testing reacts
« Last post by shadav on February 15, 2021, 12:03:54 PM »
Forum Announcements / Forums has been updated
« Last post by shadav on February 15, 2021, 12:16:30 AM »
The forum has been updated and rebuilt from the ground up....
no worries no data was lost
just cleaned up some stuff, new themes, yadda yadda yadda

if you notice anything borked, please let me know
Doctor Who / Thoughts about each Doctor....
« Last post by shadav on January 25, 2021, 02:04:01 PM »
ok so making my way through Doctor Who....
gotta say I don't really care for the 2nd Doctor.....

the 1st Doctor was kind of a pompous ass...we'll give it to him as he was who knows how old....

the 2nd Doctor I think is supposed to be seen as jovial (a stark opposite of the 1st) but just comes off as weird, strange, and odd and not in good ways....

about 60 more episode until I reach the 3rd Doctor

[update] well I'm now onto season 11 and the 13th Doctor

the 3rd Doctor was still kind of a pompous ass, self entitled, but a bit more personable
honestly maybe my favorite doctor :)

the 4th Doctor was a bit goofy but then they did say his brain might be a bit scrambled...
one of my favorite doctors...overall personality was good, sometimes high and mighty, mostly friendly and high-strung.

the 5th Doctor, I don't have much opinion about this doctor. So far the most approachable doctor.

the 6th Doctor was arrogant and brash
by far my least favorite doctor

the 7th Doctor was absent minded and gloomy
definitely a different approach to the Doctor

the 8th Doctor, I can't say much as he only appeared in a tv movie

the 9th Doctor, I can't say much only 1 season, and as the 8th doctor only appeared in one tv movie....transitioning from the 7th doctor to the 9th is a nice fit. From an absent minded and gloomy person to a slightly mentally unstable happy macho person

the 10th Doctor was a bit crazy, a bit goofy
one of my favorite doctors

the 11th Doctor was still a bit crazy and goofy, more involved in peoples lives

the 12th Doctor was a bit grump and sarcastic. Thinks he's hilarious
reminiscent of the 3rd Doctor.

and well only a few episodes in with the new Doctor, so can't say much....
this time the Doctor is a woman.... seems to have inserted herself into 3 peoples lives
Forum Announcements / Sorry to those that use ipv6
« Last post by shadav on December 31, 2020, 12:45:13 PM »
so it seems that one of the security measures to help prevent spam and other bad bots was also blocking ipv6 users from the site...

my bad!!!!

which sucks because now I can't use that mod until they, if they decide to update it to work with ipv6

and as I know not everyone is tech savvy and doesn't know how to disable ipv6 on your device, I will just leave the security mod off for the time being.

So um..... :blushing: :imsorry: to all who may have visited the forum and gotten the "Database Error" page....no the site wasn't down but the bouncer blocked you from entering....
Highlander / Re: Highlander Viewing Order
« Last post by shadav on December 23, 2020, 07:48:59 PM »
ok...as much crap as everyone gives the Highlander II movie....
in retrospect, after watching all the other animated stuff.....
I can't talk shit about the movie 😂
yeah it's still, we don't talk about it.....because let's face it, the original movie was not made to be a squeal (or what do you call it when they make 4 more movies)....they wrapped it up nice and neat and poof the end....so to come back with anything is just bs....
but comparatively to all the other shows (except for the series and the raven) 😂 this shit is awesome 😂😂😂
Highlander / Re: Highlander Viewing Order
« Last post by shadav on December 23, 2020, 03:44:22 PM »
ug...and Highlander: The Search for Vengeance is a bust
pretty much the entire movie is just sex and war......

i'm an hour in and that's all this entire thing has been fucking and fighting with a few minutes of an actual story about the evil dude with a virus to kill everyone and he must be stopped.

typical anime trash
(no i'm not saying anime is trash, just saying this is that genre of anime trash wanna be hentai)
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