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Babylon 5 Viewing Order
« Posted: 5 months ago »
You can find the list here Babylon 5

I have tried to minimize jumping between shows
S = Season | E= Episode
if it only says S01 that means all of that season
I've added a few extras that fall into the storyline

I tried with this one but it's a bit difficult to keep it in order and keep the viewing session simple....
so well, I went with the simplest instead of jumping around a lot, there are times that it's like wait what....and then there's the entire crusade series (to be honest I watched them in order and I mean it was ok...a bit confusing)

so well....sorry and good luck with trying to watch this in any sort of chronological order....while it is somewhat possible, it means jumping around a lot back and forth and even stopping midway through an episode.....
so meh, I just went with simplest....
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