Babylon 5

viewing order


I have tried to minimize jumping between shows
S = Season | E= Episode
if it only says S01 that means all of that season
I've added a few extras that fall into the storyline


This is still a work in progress, I am currently watching this series and will update as needed
Looking through several other lists online, I can already tell this is going to be a pain in my ass, but I will try to keep it simple
I can't vouche for keeping the Crusade easy, as it seems that for continuity they need to be watched out of episode order
Please take this list with a grain of salt until I can finish the series

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Current Storylines

Series Start End Note
The Gathering Movie

Babylon 5 s01 s04 e08
Thirdspace Movie

Babylon 5 s04 e09 s04 e23
Babylon 5: In the Beginning Movie

Babylon 5 s05 e01 s05 e21
The River of Souls Movie

A Call to Arms Movie

Crusade s01 Pilot s01e02
Crusade s01e08

Crusade s01e10 ss01e11
Crusade s01e09

Crusade s01e12 s01e13
Crusade s01e04

Crusade s01e06

Crusade s01e05

Crusade s01e03

Crusade s01e07

Crusade s01e14 s01e22 unproduced
The Legends of the Rangers Movie

The Lost Tales : Voices in the Dark Movie

Babylon 5 s05 e22

The Memory of Shadows Movie

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