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I have tried to minimize jumping between shows
S = Season | E= Episode
if it only says S01 that means all of that season
I've added a few extras that fall into the storyline


Thanks to a few different crossovers and multiverses, there are some added few bonus shows, if you want to watch some older shows before starting this list....
Alternative Storylines | Current Storylines | List of Earths

Some things that we know
Earth 1: Arrow, Flash (current), Constantine, Legends Of Tomorrow, Vixen, Batwoman
Earth 90: Flash (older series)
Earth X: Freedom Fighters: The Ray
Earth 38: Supergirl
Earth (unknown): Birds of Prey, Smallville, Black Lightning, Titans, Doom Patrol
Some other shows that aren't yet related would include
Gotham, which earth does this fall on, will it become a crossover and part of the arrowverse?
Lucifer, is based off of a dc comic so will this also end up as a crossover?
Titans will be part of the crossover this year, making both Titans and Doom Patrol part of the arrowverse

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Alternative Storylines

Series Start End Notes Watch
Superman (1941) S01
Earth 75 (?)
Wonder Woman (1975) S01
Earth 76
Batman (1966) S01
Earth 66
Green Hornet (1966) S01
Earth 66
Batman: The Movie (1966)

Earth 66
Batman (1966) S02 S03 Earth 66
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (2016)

Earth 66
Batman vs Two-Face (2017)

Earth 66
Wonder Woman (1975) S02 S03 Earth 76
Superman (1978)

Earth 96
Superman II (1980)

Earth 96
Superman Returns (2006)

Earth 96
Batman: The Movie (1989)

Earth 89
Batman Returns (1992)

Earth 89
The Flash (1990) S01
Earth 90
Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton S01 E01 S01 E06

Oliver Queen Chronicles S01 E01 S01 E06

Smallville S01 E01 S02 E02

Chloe Chronicles Intro

Smallville S02 E03

Chloe Chronicles S01 E01

Smallville S02 E04

Chloe Chronicles S01 E02

Smallville S02 E05

Chloe Chronicles S01 E03

Smallville S02 E06

Chloe Chronicles S01 E04

Smallville S02 E07 S02 E11

Chloe Chronicles S02 E01 S02 E07

Smallville S02 E12 S02 E23

Birds of Prey S01
There's 2 pilots to this series
Smallville S03 E01 S05 E15

Vengeance Chronicles S01 E01 S01 E07

Smallville S05 E16 S06 E22

Smallville: Justice and Doom

Smallville S07 E01 S10 E22

Current Storylines

Series Start End Notes Watch
Arrow S01 E01 S02 E05

Blood Rush S01 E01 S01 E06
Arrow S02 E06 S02 E23

The Flash S01 E01

Arrow S03 E01 S03 E02

The Flash S01 E02 S01 E03

Arrow S03 E03

The Flash S01 E04

Arrow S03 E04 S03 E05

The Flash S01 E05

Arrow S03 E06

The Flash S01 E06

Arrow S03 E07

The Flash S01 E07 S01 E08

Arrow S03 E08

The Flash S01 E09

Arrow S03E09

The Flash S01 E10

Arrow S03 E10

The Flash S01 E11

Arrow S03 E11

The Flash S01 E12

Arrow S03 E12

The Flash S01 E13 S01 E14

Arrow S03 E13 S03 E14

Vixen S01 E01 S01 E06

Arrow S03 E15 S03 E16

The Flash S01 E15 S01 E18

Arrow S03 E17 S03 E20

The Flash S01 E19 S01 E21

Arrow S03 E21 S03 E22

The Flash S01 E22

Arrow S03 23

The Flash S01 E23

Constantine S01

Arrow S04 E01

The Flash S02 E01 S02 E02

Arrow S04 E02

The Flash S02 E03

Arrow S04 E03 S04 E04

The Flash S02 E04 S02 E05

Arrow S04 E05 S04 E06

The Flash S02 E06

Arrow S04 E07

The Flash S02 E07 S02 E08

Arrow S04 E08

Vixen S02 E01 S02 E06

Arrow S04 E09 S04 E10

The Flash S02 E09 S02 E10

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E01 S01 E03

The Flash S02 E11

Arrow S04 E11

The Flash S02 E12

Arrow S04 E12 S04 E13

The Flash S02 E13 S02 E15

Supergirl S01 E01 S01 E17

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E04 S01 E06

Arrow S04 E14 S04 E15

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E107 S01 E09

The Flash S02 E16

Arrow S04 E16

The Flash S02 E17

Arrow S04 E17 S04 E19

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E107

The Flash: Chronicles of Cisco

Supergirl S01 E18

The Flash S02 E18

Supergirl S01 E19 S02 E01

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E11 S01 E12

The Flash S02 E19

Supergirl S02 E02 S02 E03

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E13 S01 E15

Supergirl S02 E04

Arrow S04 E20 S04 E22

Supergirl S02 E05

Legends of Tomorrow S01 E16

Arrow S04 E23

The Flash S02 E20 S02 E23

Supergirl S02 E06 S02 E07

The Flash S03 E01 S03 E07

Arrow S05 E01 S05 E07

Legends of Tomorrow S02 E01 S02 E06

Supergirl S02 E08

The Flash S03 E08

Arrow S05 E08

Legends of Tomorrow S02 E07
from here it's really your choice, I chose Arrow.
Arrow S05 E09 S05 E23

The Flash S03 E09 S03 E16

Supergirl S02 E09 S02 E16

The Flash S03 E17 S03 E23

Legends of Tomorrow S02 E08 S02 E17

Supergirl S02 E17 S02 E22

Freedom Fighters: The Ray S01 S02 Earth X cwseed
The Flash S04 E01 S04 E06

Supergirl S03 E01 S03 E07

Arrow S06 E01 S06 E07

Legends of Tomorrow S03 E01

The Flash S04 E07
could be watched with earlier but this shows Walley coming home and LoT S3E1 shows Walley still away
Legends of Tomorrow S03 E02 S03 E07

Supergirl S03 E08
Crisis on Earth X
Arrow S06 E08

The Flash S04 E08

Legends of Tomorrow S03 E08

Arrow S06 E09 S06 E23

Legends of Tomorrow S03 E09 S03 E18

The Flash S04 E09 S04 E23

Supergirl S03 E09 S03 E23

Black Lightning S01 S02

Arrow S07 E01 S07 E08

Supergirl S04 E01 S04 E08

The Flash S05 E01 S05 E09 Elseworlds - Earth 90
Arrow S07 E09
crossover 2nd batwoman
Supergirl S04 E09
Crossover 3rd ends in gotham
Arrow S07 E10 S07 E22

The Flash S05 E10 S05 E22

Supergirl S04 E10 S04 E22

Legends of Tomorrow S04

Titans S01

Swamp Thing S01 can skip if wanted
Doom Patrol S01

Titans S02

Lucifer S01 can skip if wanted
Black Lightning S03 E01 S03 E08

Batwoman S01 E01 S01 E07

Arrow S08 E01 S08 E04

The Flash S06 E01 S06 E08

Batwoman S01 E08

Arrow S08 E05 S08 E07

Supergirl S05 E01 S05 E08

Supergirl S05 E09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One
Black Lightning S03 E09 The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis
Batwoman S01 E09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two
The Flash S06 E09 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three
Arrow S08 E08 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four
Legends of Tomorrow S05 E01 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five
Supergirl S05 E10 S05 E19

Arrow S08 E09 S08 E10

The Flash S06 E10 S06 E19

Legends of Tomorrow S05 E02 S05 E15

Batwoman S01 E10 S01 E20

Black Lightning S03 E10 S03 E16

Doom Patrol S02

Stargirl S01

Batwoman S02

Black Lightning S04

Superman and Lois S01

The Flash S07

Supergirl S06

Legends of Tomorrow S06

Stargirl S02

Batwoman S03 S03 E09 John Diggle shows up
Legends of Tomorrow S07

The Flash S08 S08 E04 Batwoman shows up
Titans S03

Doom Patrol S03

Superman and Lois S02

Stargirl S03

The Flash S09

Superman and Lois S03

Titans S04 e09 Stargirl appears
Doom Patrol S04

Naomi S01

Gotham Knights S01

Not yet sorted, new seasons
Justice U TBD

Green Arrow and the Canaries Canceled

Powerless S01

List of Earths

Before Crisis On Infinite Earths
1ArrowFlashBlack Lightning (Gen loses powers)Legends of TomorrowConstantineVixenBatwoman
2Jessie QuickBlack Canary (Laural)Black Lightning (Gen goes dark)
3Flash (90ies) doppelgangers
10 (x)The Ray
16Arrow in ruins
18Last Remaining Lazurus Pit
66Batman (60ies)Green Hornet
74Legend of Tomorrow retired
76Wonder Woman
89Batman (animated?)(film series)
90Flash (90ies)Stargirl
96Superman (Louis and Clark?)(film series)
99Batman and Superman (Bruce killed Clark)
167Superman (Smallville)
203Birds of Prey

After Crisis On Infinite Earths
1 (prime)All
2Young Justice?
12Green Lantern?
19Swamp Thing
21Doom Patrol
96Superman (Louis and Clark?)

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